India's last Tea shop...!

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"CHAI KI TAPRI" its not a place, it is a meeting point for every college student, worker, employees, friends, as well as each and every person. In india tea is a kind of medicine for some people. They can't live without taking a sip of tea in whole day. What if in India there is a last tea shop...? How Indians will live without tea ? Do you ever think about India's Last Tea Shop..??
In India, there are many people who love Tea. From youngsters to old people everyone loves the tea. The tea shop is nothing but a meeting point where some people are going for chill-out, some people going to remove their hangover, from College students to office staff everyone loves to go over there.
The last village of India is MANA which is located in Uttarakhand which is the State of India. In Uttarakhand, there is a district named Chamoli in that MANA is located. This is the last village of India means that after crossing 24km - 25km from this village Tibet border will start.
There are many tea shops but apart from this the shop which is the end of the village is named as INDIA'S LAST TEA SHOP. Nowadays this tea shop becomes a selfie point for everyone. Many people go there for taking a sip of tea.
You will find this Tea Shop when you travel from India to Tibet. This tea is famous from past 25 years. There are many people who live in Hill station. This tea will help to survive them in cold weather.
Now there you will also get snacks and noodles in same shop. So at least one time you have to go and enjoy the test of Tea at India's last tea shop.

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